John Eck ( he/him/his )

Artist Statement

“Trained and practicing as an architect, my work in clay is naturally influenced by many of the same principles I explore in architecture: geometry, proportion, repetition, texture and scale.  However, freedom from architectural program (and other real-world constrictions) allows me to further explore ideas of architectural imagery and “remembered form”— monuments and mausoleums, ruins and excavations, cliff dwellings and desert lines—forms and patterns that are historically embedded in our memories, and might lead us to relate in unexpected ways.”


John Eck is a practicing architect and professor at the University of Missouri, as well as a ceramicist. He received a Bachelor of Architecture from Kansas State University and a Master of Architecture from the University of Virginia. His training in clay took place at Lill Street Studios in Chicago and Red Star Studios in Kansas City. His work is primarily hand-built stoneware, and explores architectural form and “remembered” form—the mental baggage we all carry regarding the spaces and shapes we inhabit.