Jon Stein ( He, Him )

Artist Statement

Play is a serious part of my studio practice. Arranging formal elements excites and motivates me to get to the studio each day. I shift lines in space and attempt to create balance and contrast, while considering touch and its unique role in functional pottery. Throughout history we find similarities in form and surface embellishments of vessels that not only perform, but give importance to certain actions. I draw inspiration from those similarities found in works created by dissociated cultures and the shared human impulse to poke a lump of clay. 


Jon Stein is a potter and educator from Cincinnati, Ohio. He found clay and the potters wheel at fifteen and has never looked back. Before completing his BFA at Northern Kentucky University he traveled to Japan to study the firing kilns with wood. After receiving his degree he worked with artists with developmental disabilities. He continues to believe that creative experiences with clay improve a persons quality of life and works to provide them to as diverse a community as possible. A desire to further his understanding of atmospheric firing led Jonathan to Utah State University where he completed his MFA. Teaching opportunities and artist residencies have allowed Jonathan to travel throughout the country. He recently returned to Cincinnati to serve as education director at Queen City Clay while maintaining an active studio practice.