Juan Ortí García

Artist Statement

Throughout my artwork I try to create sculptures using cylinders that I make on the potter's wheel. These forms interest me above all the basic shapes, which have the same conceptual meaning. In fact it is difficult to get to this goal, perhaps this is a way for this shape to give sense to my pieces, like a search for an essential and total form.

My work is inspired by the everyday forms that surround us: objects influenced by the industrial, architectural, and functional. They are usually objects that relate to a work environment, because these pieces have never tried to have or look like an aesthetic style.

Their beauty is in the simplicity of their forms and their strict functionality. For the same reason they don´t enter into the status or the fashions world, rather they have eternal beauty.

-- Juan Ortí García


From a family of artists, Juan Ortí García started studying Industrial Design in the Art and Crafts School of Valencia (Spain) and it was there, where, after meeting Enric Mestre (Valencia, 1936), he decided that he would dedicate himself to art. He abandons his Industrial Design studies and begins to study artistic pottery under the newly discovered master. Since 2001 he creates his own studio in Torrente (Spain) and is dedicated full time to art.