Judi Tavill

Artist Statement

My work is inspired by the beauty of shapes and textures that I observe in nature. Travel and exploration allows for reflection during seaside moments and meditative pauses. Coastal discoveries, woodland finds, or lush flora, influence my experimentation in the ceramic studio. When I create, I choose to re-imagine, not replicate, these memories. I intend for the work that emerges to feel new and modern, yet decidedly familiar.

This current series is created by wheel throwing or hand building thick walls using strong, sandy stoneware. The coarse clay allows me to deeply carve and rigorously texture the vessel. I am most interested in the ability of the clay medium to entwine both structure and surface in the creation of form. Incorporating porcelain slip adds another dimension to the texturing process and softens the surface when it is rubbed into to the rough cream clay. Clear glaze or glass frit is discreetly applied, adding a bit of aquatic glisten to the object's surface.

-- Judi Tavill


Judi Tavill received her BFA from Washington University in St. Louis. After early success as a fashion and textile print designer, she discovered clay and has pursued her passion ever since. Community art center classes began her ceramics education and she went on to experience a variety of hands on extended workshop education with various ceramic masters. Judi’s work has been included in various juried shows and she is known to curate once in a while. Judi believes that the explorative nature of the ceramic medium allows for her education and evolution to continue indefinitely.

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