Karima Duchamp

Artist Statement

Karima Duchamp creates her works by assembling slabs of clay of different sizes and shapes, like puzzles, juxtaposed to create the illusion of a two-dimensional linear composition. She uses different artistic means to create a dichotomy between flatness and illusion of depth.

She works on different bodies of works. One is characterized by murals when Karima Duchamp, in a pictorial way, appropriates material and ceramic colors as material, approaching representations of her drawings on paper she practices daily.

Another series is influenced by rock formations and large, precarious and fragile land areas. This series exists as a close-up or cutting, fragmentation of materials.

However, this geometric structure is often broken by internal organic forms.

Karima Duchamp's interest in the irregularities and imperfections of the process, the traces of manufacture and the tensions reveal inconsistencies in the spaces and confer to the works a human element.


Karima Duchamp lives and works in Mulhouse in France.

She is a graduate with a Master of Fine Arts from L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Besançon in France. Her work primarily uses slabs of clay to create unusual ceramic surfaces. As Duchamp said, “what emerges in my work can come from a detail that carry me into stories, memories and possible projections.” Her unique body of work has won multiple awards and has been included in numerous solo and group shows across the world like The Salon Art+Design in New York, Design Miami and Design Miami in Basel. As a Member of the International Academy of Ceramics, she continued her ceramic explorations through artistic residencies worldwide. What is specific to her work is the use of colors as she is also a painter and her daily practice interacts into her ceramic practice.