Katie Bosley Sabin ( She/Her )

Artist Statement

I craft porcelain vessels that combine dynamic forms and dimensional surfaces to create a captivating presence. Symmetrical and precise, the vessels are striking at first glance and reward further examination. Employing positive and negative space, and light and shadow, they collaborate with the space they inhabit and reward active viewing. Rethinking structure and creating inventive interpretations of the vessel, I utilize the familiar to present the unexpected.

Form and structure in my work are influenced by a wide range of architectural styles, including Gothic, Islamic, modern, and postmodern. Moments in architecture such as the inviting quality of repeated arches down a corridor or a dynamic roof line contrasting against the sky are combined with the language of the vessel.

Order and symmetry are used in my work to draw the eye in and captivate viewers while achromatic surfaces allow for dynamic play with light and shadow. Precise repetition, achieved without the use of molds or digital tools, is used as a mark of intention, showing that little or nothing is left to chance as I manipulate each detail skillfully by hand.


Katie Bosley Sabin is a ceramic artist and educator based in Boston, Massachusetts.  Originally from Clearwater, FL, she earned her BFA from the University of Florida and her MFA from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Katie was a Summer resident at the Archie Bray in Helena, MT, and a long-term resident at Mudflat Studios in Boston, MA, and Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, MN.Her works and writing are featured in publications including Ceramics Monthly, Pottery Making Illustrated, and the 2023 Journal of the National Council for Education on Ceramic Arts. In 2022, she was selected as a Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artist, and in 2023 she demonstrated at NCECA, the national ceramics conference. She has taught ceramic classes and workshops at community studios across the country for nearly ten years.