Keith Simpson

Artist Statement

I’m never satisfied to have one project in motion. At the moment, I may have five different projects that I’m pursuing.

There is a body of tabletop sculpture that has been slowly evolving over the past 5 years. It’s growing out of reflection on a kind of shared history, our experience of the past but also our inherently individual experience our myriad presents – with a lens tuned to the impenetrable skrim which separates my experience from yours. It is not nostalgic, but it is looking at time and experience, and questioning both how we got here, and how I got here.

On the other side of my studio, the digital ceramic work is looking how tools hacked and developed through maker communities, and broadly documented online, can be utilized in new ways by ceramic artists. It’s taken the work of thousands to unpack CNC and 3d printing technologies in a way that they can be utilized anyone willing to pull a little hair out. It’s about access, and cost, and it is all shifting so fast. I am laboring to develop my own tools, and create my own art with this new set of tools while simultaneously encouraging and promoting the development of new ways of thinking about what it might mean to be a ceramic artist or even a potter in a digital landscape.

-- Keith Simpson


Keith Simpson received his BFA in 2010 from the Kansas City Art Institute and his MFA from The Ohio State University in 2012. Keith currently lives in Alfred, NY where he holds an appointment at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University as the Raw Materials Technical Specialist and Adjunct Professor.

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