Kelly Devitt ( She/ Her/ Hers )

Artist Statement

The human body is a container. It holds precious elements that give life, but it also encloses inner thoughts and emotions that are created by the individual. Skin is the ultimate protector of the body. It shields the inside from harmful diseases and protects from the abrasive elements that are looking to cause harm. Skin is window, allowing those that live beyond to simply gaze inside and experience the information that is meant to be private. In moments of embarrassment, anger, and happiness, the skin displays this information for all to see, often betraying the permission of the individual wearing it.

I create ceramic sculpture that portrays the moment when emotion is being translated using one’s skin. I explore a variety of involuntary actions such as goosebumps, blushing, folding and abrasions to draw attention to these overwhelming moments that appear on the surface of the works. There is a contrast that is created between fixed material that makes up the internal structure and the soft transparent outer skin of silicone. The materials act as a form of protection and allow me to suture wounds that are created throughout the life of the work. Much like a scar upon the surface of the body, these moments of harm will remain. 


Kelly Devitt is a ceramic artist who primarily creates sculptures depicting emotions physically expressed through the human body. Born in Iowa, she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Integrated Studio Arts from Iowa State University in 2017. Shortly after, Kelly continued to work as a Ceramic Research Assistant for the Art and Visual Culture Department as well as the Computation and Construction Lab at Iowa State University. In 2019, Kelly moved to New Bedford, Massachusetts to continue her education pursing her Masters of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics. She has recently accepted a job as a Professor of Art at the Southwestern Community College of Iowa.