Khaled Sirag

Artist Statement

I am a ceramic artist who lives and works in Egypt, where I was born in a historic and most ancient part of Cairo. My early work was inspired by nature and inspiration for my current work is drawn from the amalgamated ether of history, traditions, people, and memories. I believe in clay’s power but also believe that materials and techniques should follow the concepts and ideas of a work. I am more interested in these than in objecthood per se. I am also interested in the relationship between space and viewer, and pursuing ways to bring the two closer together through gallery interactions and creative displays within public spaces.

-- Khaled Sirag


Born in Cairo 1969, Khaled Sirag graduated from Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University, Ceramics Department 1992 & became a professor there in 2006. He displayed his works in 2 solo exhibitions at Ragheb Ayad Gallery, Gezira Art Center, Cairo one in 2005 & the other in 2013. He also participated in a duet exhibition with Istvan Zakar, Újlipótvárosi Klub-Galéria, Budapest, Hungary in 2014. He was represented with 2 duet works in the solo exhibition of the Hungarian Artist Anita Toth, Keramiapark, Budapest, Hungary 2014. He participated in more than 66 local & international exhibitions & more than 35 workshops. He won more than 7 prizes in ceramic art competitions in Egypt & abroad.

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