Kirsten Taylor ( she/her/hers )

Artist Statement

Kirsten Taylor is a multimedia artist based in the tallgrass prairie ecoregion. Her work investigates relationships between humans and nature and questions the traditionally Western distinction between human and the natural world. Taylor does this by examining the ways in which our lives intersect with plants and animals and encouraging this investigation in the viewer. She uses materials that have connection to a place such as locally dug clay, native plants, or materials with historical significance to a place such as barbed wire. Taylor’s projects focus on topics, such as habitat restoration, mapping and creating trails, loss of ecological knowledge, and human constructs of wilderness. She makes work to promote awareness of landscape, more-than-human life, and the interconnectedness of nature.


Kirsten Taylor is a multimedia artist based in the tallgrass prairie. Taylor holds an MFA from the University of Kansas and a BA in Studio Art from Baylor University. Taylor has exhibited nationally at venues including 108 Contemporary, Indianapolis Art Center, and the Leedy Voulkos Art Center. Taylor received an Artist-in-Residence position at Shawnee Mission Park with Johnson County Parks and Recreation Department in 2022.