Kristine Nuke-Pantelejeva

Artist Statement

Ocean creatures, ancient Burano lace and fossils I use as the sources of inspiration. I try to put the results of my research and practice in modern context. In my porcelain works I explore the nature trying to push the boundaries of ceramic technique to another level of expression, reaching the edge of potential of this traditional branch of art and craft. I use my particular technique by extruding material through the nozzle, creating unique spatial structure.

-- Kristine Nuke-Pantelejeva


Kristine Nuke-Pantelejeva born in1982 in Riga. Lives and works in Riga, Latvia.

She graduated from the Riga school of Design and Art, Environmental Design Department(2003), the Art Academy of Latvia as a metal designer(MA 2009) and as well as she completed Master degree studies at Ceramics Department (MA 2018). In 2007 she expanded her knowledge of metal art and jewellery art at Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland.

Kristine engages in creative experiments, making conceptual jewellery and abstract sculptures, combining her knowledge of metal work with her skills in porcelain. In her works she explores the opportunities offered by the synthesis of both fields.

Her works have been exhibited in Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Greece, Russia, USA.

At Riga Art and Media Technical College Kristine works as a silver casting and enameling teacher.