Lalana Fedorschak ( she/her/they/them )

Artist Statement

My art practice explores the body in pieces to express the slippery, formless, non-coherent self. Being in the body can feel like home, but it can also feel scary and unfamiliar. I use the ceramic object as a proxy for the body, disconnected from a complete whole. Nipples, mouths, creases, and mounds are merged and cut into truncated structures. Ceramic sculptures often live among cushions, lounges, and beds, using the language of domesticity as a metaphor for interiority and self-observation. I explore relationships between animate and inanimate objects, perception, and the psyche. I present identity as expansive, multi-faceted, continuously shifting, and difficult to distill. My work ruptures the monolithic self and expands into a plural self, alienated and integrated with one another.

~ Lalana Fedorschak


Lalana Fedorschak is a multi-disciplinary artist working across disciplines and through a variety of different materials and techniques. Their sculptural practice incorporates ceramic, metal, wood, and textile processes, and their lens-based work explores relationships between body, sculpture, photography, and the psyche. Their interests include body horror and practical effects, queer theory, phenomenology, pleasure politics, chemistry, and imaging techniques.

Lalana is the Resident Artist, Professor, and Studio Technician in Ceramics at Indiana University Southeast in New Albany, Indiana. They have taught Ceramics and Foundations courses at Ohio University in Athens, OH, where they earned their Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics in 2021. From 2017 – 2018, Lalana was a post-baccalaureate student in Ceramics at Indiana University Southeast. Lalana was born and raised in Arizona, where they earned their Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Northern Arizona University in 2016.