Lalana Fedorschak

Artist Statement

My practice explores the body as a site where complex battles for control take place. I use queer abstraction to reflect on experiences of my body as a receptacle, a sexual object, a host for disease, a site of pleasure, a means of expression, and a vehicle for action.

My work considers a subject that has agency in the process of identity construction. I present identity as expansive, multi-faceted, continuously shifting, and difficult to distill. I create sculptures as stand-ins for the body, and then make photographs of the sculptures with human flesh – a record of interaction between selves. This multi-layered, multi-disciplinary process investigates the separation of the self into multiple selves, alienated and integrated with one another.

-- Lalana Fedorschak


Lalana Fedorschak is a multi-disciplinary artist working with a variety of materials and techniques. Her skills include handbuilding, moldmaking, slipcasting, glaze testing, wheel thowing, atmospheric firing, woodworking, MIG and TIG welding, metal casting, 3-D CAD and CAM software, photography, textile and fiber practices.Eclectic interests include body horror and practical effects, pain theory, abjection and mortality salience, chemistry and imaging techniques, poststructuralism, intersectional feminism and queer theory.Lalana is a second-year MFA candidate in Ceramics at Ohio University. She completed her undergraduate degree in Ceramics at Northern Arizona University and was a post-baccalaureate student at Indiana University Southeast.