Laura Pehkonen

Artist Statement

In my works, I am looking for contrasts, proportions, balance and the sense of presence. Regardless of materials or techniques, I am curious to do try-outs. Rather than repeating a single format, I provoke myself with several materials and techniques and study their dialogue in the works. But even I am introspective and playful, I am interested in pretty classic, timeless materials. I also have a need to leave a trace of process in my works, some kind of feeling of unfinished. Perfect imperfection.

-- Laura Pehkonen


Laura Pehkonen is a Finnish visual artist, born in northern Finland, now living and working in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Pehkonen graduated as a Master of Arts from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Applied Art and Design Master Program in 2014. After her graduation she has been working mainly with unique works in her own studio situated in a old rubber factory near Helsinki and doing different length residencies in Paris, Denmark, Peru and Iceland. Her works have been exhibited internationally and is in both private and public collections, including Helsinki Art Museum HAM and The Finnish State Art Deposit Collection / Finnish National Gallery.

Pehkonen is currently working with ceramics, wood and mixed media paintings. Her works are unique abstract sculptures and paintings, that leave the viewer freedom to imagine and interpret. In her ceramic works Pehkonen uses and combines versatile ceramic materials and techniques, such as different clay bodies, under glaze techniques, glazes, china painting and custom decals, to create abundant and variable outcomes.