Lindsey Dezman

Artist Statement

I explore materials and objects as a means to understand rhythms of time. As we age, so do the things around us; the steps upon our front door creak and slump more with every season, while a fossilized, thousand years old dinosaur bone is a test of time. My work is inspired from these rhythms and pulses of life. The results are simple and abstracted forms through which material exploration take place. I specifically choose to highlight the inherent life spans and the nuances within each of the materials.

As my methods of making vary, my focus is always upon utilizing clay in alternative ways. I document clay as if it is a scientific study and yet investigate it in the form of dust, as well as to push how thick the material can be fire without failing and cracking. My practice is determined by the material and clay itself, the medium is situational and dictated by the time and placement of its use. Within this structure I stride to showcase the nuances within clay, to push its material capabilities, and in a way to redefine them. I challenge myself to explore the ideas of daily act and refuse, to understand materials in new light and to illustrate the complexity of time layered in our world.

-- Lindsey Dezman