Luke Huling

Artist Statement

My work focuses on emotional façades and questions the implications of a disguised self. I am intrigued with the ease and routine nature of “stretching the truth” in terms of how some present their personal identities, emotions, and afflictions. I see this act of suppression in myself and others and often wonder if it is a unique personal quirk, or if it is simply innate. Through research on human behavior, I grapple with the idea that being more authentic could lead to stronger interpersonal relationships while also acknowledging that some things are best left unspoken. It is my goal to depict these mannerisms in an earnest way with the occasional touch of dark humor. My work is actualized using solid building techniques and stiff slabs of clay. While I sculpt my figures representationally, I often place them in situations that are more delusive. I like pushing the limits of the medium and enjoy spending tedious amounts of time measuring tiny bits of clay to achieve my intended texture. The use of repetition and multiples is frequent in many of my pieces and helps me to create chaotic environments around each figure. With each series I may find symbolism in a variety of forms, colors, and texture but my interest in emotional façades seems to persist.


Luke Huling is a ceramic figure sculptor from Harrisburg Pennsylvania. He currently resides in North Carolina and is an Associate Professor at Sandhills Community College. He received his BFA from Edinboro University and his MFA from Indiana University. He is a past resident at The LUX Center for the Arts and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. He is a scholarship recipient from the National Society of Arts and Letters and the inaugural recipient of the Chris Boger Memorial Award.