Marie-Josée Comello

Artist Statement

We always want to position ourselves within our environment, either conscious or unconscious. It not only provides us recognition, but above all it enables stability and control.

Research about our past and our future provides us knowledge; we investigate, analyze, restore, conserve and archive to enable ourselves to understand our place in time and space.

My research deals with the disturbance of this knowledge, starting from the fascination for fragments, curious about the absent parts, the still not finished stories and no less the void that a fragment carries along with it.

It is my ongoing investigation into the field of ‘no man's land’; the boundary between the known and the unknown. A thin line, also called the present in which the only moment we have is the world of fragments.

Porcelain with an elegant, graceful, and above all fragile appearance is counterpart to morbidity, intense pain and abruptness; anchored in a continuous dialogue, a disturbing duality. At the same time stuck together in a never-ending solidarity in which porcelain in the form of a seducer makes you humble towards life itself.

-- Marie-Josée Comello


Marie-Josée Comello is a Dutch artist who first was trained as an art teacher with a focus on ceramics at the HKLS in Sittard (NL). Between 1992 and 1994 she studied graphic design in Eindhoven (NL). From 2007, she studied Fine Arts with a focus on ceramics at the MAD Faculty in Hasselt (BE), where she obtained her BFA in 2009 and completed the MFA in 2010. During that time she lived in Belgium. After graduating she moved to Italy where she worked for three years. Currently she lives and works in Germany. Since 2010, Marie-Josée Comello has participated in several international biennials and exhibitions. In 2016, she received the International Gold Award at the 1st Latvia International Ceramics Biennale for her work ‘The Girl in blue’. In 2017 she received the audience prize for her work ‘I am not my Sister’ at the Museum of Contemporary Art ‘De Domijnen’ in Sittard (NL). Her work is in the collection of the Mark Rothko Art Centre (LV) as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art ‘De Domijnen’(NL).