Max Seinfeld

Artist Statement

I create objects that examine the interplay of contrasting relationships such as the slight movement of a solid material or a coarse texture that looks soft. Studying compositional elements such as line, color, and texture allows me to create a sense of tension through contrasting materials or form. The interaction of artificial and natural color in each composition creates a playful quality that is drawn from observations in contemporary media such as the quality of the color pink in a bubble gum advertisement or the allure of a red cadillac. Playing with a set of words that do not usually sit next to one another allows me to capture the sensation of a lingering touch, or a inching grip. Creating small scale solid objects allows me to stress the intimacy in size and the seductiveness of weight.

-- Max Seinfeld


Max Seinfeld is a full time studio artist in Danbury, Connecticut. He makes one of a kind abstract ceramic sculptures out of porcelain, earthenware, and non-traditional materials.

In 2014 he received his BFA from the University of Hartford, Connecticut and finished his postbaccalaureate studies from the State University of New York at New Paltz, in 2015. Following a two year residency at The Clay Art Center in Port Chester, NY, and a two year assistantship with Doug Peltzman, Max continues to assist a number of ceramic workshops at art centers across the country including Arrowmont, Peters Valley, Haystack, and Penland for studio potters Doug Peltzman, and Adam Field. Max continues to exhibit and teach private lessons, workshops, nationally as well as in Denmark.

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