Mia Kunyo ( They )

Artist Statement

I view my work as a library of the human experience, objects as a visual metamorphic process. A crustaceous layering of beauty that can never truly decay in regards to clay being nonrenewable once fired. Therefore, what we don’t leave behind physically we can transfer into the nontransferable…our experience. Pulled from the rubble and repurposed like an old soul in a 4x4 inch historical time warp: a cup, a memory, a vision of what was.

My inspiration and motivation is “beautiful decay”. Historical chunks of time burnished to its body and pulled from the rubbish to shine again, and again. A story told of a life lived full. Telling a story that hasn’t been written is the souls delight.


I have been creating ceramic art for more than 15 years and producing my work from the woodlands of northern Indiana. For the last several years I have been developing my own glazes, and exploring surface textures. In my studio practice as in life, I take on error and flaw as practice, to live without an eraser. Life is not in our control and perfection is not the goal. Drawing my inspiration from the world of memories, using “backdrop moments” as  landscapes like cookie crumbs, pocket lint, char, corrosion, mustard, oil stains and blue skies.