Nancy Fleischman

Artist Statement

Materials are real, alive like skin, they breathe, record, change, and grow.Becoming an extension of myself.

They act as a timeline that mimic human life and existence.

I explore the fragility of materiality.

Fragility that edges its way morbidly into non-existence.

One wrong move they break. Once tangible becoming Intangible.


Objects for the body, from the body and of the body.

Estranged objects become surrogates for the reality of experience.

These surrogates are versions of sensory prostheses, simplified and extreme versions of a subtle experience.

Membranes created out of clay pierced with patterns of dots and lines taken from daily routines of subcutaneous injections and self-harm.

My body aches, my joints feel like they are tearing apart and filled with fluid at the same time, my muscles feel like they are shredding, and my skin feels like it is on fire while also being so tender and thin it might tear just from looking at it. Breathing alone hurts. I am in pain and it is killing me. This all happens internally, no one sees.

Injections of liquid slip into layers of porcelain oozing out from under its skin. Fired clay becomes deceased, a corpse preserved.

The life of a ceramic object will exceed my life expectancy.

-- Nancy Fleischman


Nancy Fleischman is a Chicago-based interdisciplinary artist who creates sculpture, installation artist that uses the body and ephemerality to create objects and installations. Fleischman is currently teaching ceramics at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She received her MFA’s from The school of the Art Institute of Chicago in Fashion and Architecture and another in Ceramics from Cranbrook Academy of Art her BFA is from The school of The Art Institute of Chicago. She has shown at South Suburban College, NCECA, A/NT Gallery, Sullivan Galleries, Nightingale Gallery, Cranbrook Art Museum, Evanston Art Center, General Motors Design Center, Noyes Cultural Center. She has had many distinguished residencies such as Mac Dowell Colony, Millay Colony, and the Bemis Center among others. She has also taught at Chicago State University and South Suburban College.