Neil Celani

Artist Statement

Three and half years ago I built a soda kiln at my studio, The Clay Center of Northern Colorado. Since then, my aesthetic has continued to slowly evolve towards the atmospheric fired ceramic surface. What concerns me most now is creating a sense of authenticity and honest expression in my work by adapting an artistic and aesthetic orientation to life. The main elements of my current soda explorations are proportion, pattern, and texture. The cylinder is the foundation of all wheel thrown vessels, and I use this strong and beautiful shape as the backbone of my forms. I focus on details that compliment the soda firing process and enhance the surface in unique and interesting ways. I develop new ideas through the inspiration of repetition and daily practice. By paying close attention to details throughout the process I’m often led down a new path of discovery.

-- Neil Celani


Neil Celani is a full time studio potter making quality soda fired pots for daily use in a kiln he built in 2013. He has been working with clay for over a decade and continues to devote himself to the evolution of his skills and aesthetic approach to the craft. Neil was selected as a 2016 Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artist and is currently the Resident Artist at the Clay Center of Northern Colorado where he also manages the studio. Neil is obsessed with the endless variety of psychedelic surfaces achieved with soda, clay, and fire.