Noemi Iglesias Barrios

Artist Statement

The technique of ceramic floral production is an industrial job that was entirely performed by women throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century in European ceramic factories.

In a hierarchically patriarchal framework, such as the industrial environment, female presence has always been a clear example of labor segregation that resulted in wage inferiority and therefore an economic dependence on women with respect to male workers.

In my work, I reproduce this floral industrial technique to outline the current commodification of falling in love and how emotional patterns are socially assumed as commercial icons in the production of a romantic utopia.

More recently, due to the Pandemic situation, I redirected my artistic research into how human emotions and affective bonds are established through social media and what is the role played by online dating applications in the age of social distancing.


Noemi Iglesias (1987) is a Spanish multimedia artist working with porcelain and long-durational performative formats. Her practice is concerned with the role of visual arts at the intersections of experimental disciplines, applying traditional ceramics techniques to generate innovative and provocative concepts within the contemporary art scene. Noemi is a natural observer of humans behaviors in different contexts and cultures and a clear example of what we call “contemporary nomadism”. Since 2009 the artist has lived and worked in Greece, England, Finland, Italy, Hungary, China, and Korea.In 2019 she finished her Master’s Degree at the Tainan National University of the Arts, where she researched contemporary ceramic practices for 3 years thanks to the Taiwan ROC Scholarship from the Taiwanese government.Recently, her work has been exhibited at the Zaha Hadid – Opus Tower Me Dubai building (UAE), the Gimhae Clayarch Museum (KR), the Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art (TW), the Oviedo Archaeological Museum, and the Alcora Ceramics Museum. This year, her work has been also part of the Yingge Ceramics Biennale (TW), the Faenza Prize (IT), Estampa Contemporary Art Fair, and the Mark Rothko Art Center, where she has been invited as a guest artist.Currently, Noemi is living and working in Lisbon, Portugal, where she is studying a PhD degree in contemporary sculpture at the Fine Arts University.