Ravit Lazer

Artist Statement

Clay is the main material I work with, but the raw material is stored on files. Hundreds or maybe thousands of photographs, single frames taken on road trips, from TV screens and news reports. These photographs are sending me again and again to my studio, forcing me to deal with the reality of the place I call home.

My work is grounded in a local-cultural-political context and with it I reach to touch the uneasy parting lines that surround me: borders, memories, roads and territory, and blind spots that we choose not to see, whether they are physical or conceptual. These parting lines are blended with the thoughts of what is private and public, of home as a sociocultural concept, and meditations on separation, segregation, destruction, human remains, and balances of power.

-- Ravit Lazer


Ravit Lazer earned her MA in an interdisciplinary program in the arts from Tel Aviv University, studied at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and earned her BFA in Ceramic Art and Design from ESC, SUNY in NYC.

She is the director of the Benyamini School for Ceramic Art and the Diploma Studies program at Benyamini Contemporary ceramic center in Tel Aviv, She is also a lecturer on ceramic design in Shenkar College – Engineering, Art, and Design in Israel.