Robert Pulley

Artist Statement

I like the immediacy of clay, its elemental nature, its ability to take infinite forms.  My sculptures typically refer to the human figure, geology, sedimentary stone, and organic growth in general, often at the same time. Mottled earthy colors of stains and glazes fired to cone 8 in reduction and varied surface textures suggest forms of great age.

I use intuition, improvisation and chance to create organic, abstract sculptures. I use a number of stream of consciousness techniques to create preliminary sketches or models that are used to inspire final sculptures. 

I often create work I can wrap my arms around and I love to see my sculptures in the garden where changing relationships with plants, weather, light and landscaping bring them alive.  Most of my sculptures range from 2’ to 4’ tall. Larger pieces from 6’ to 12’ tall are composed of hollow blocks stacked and bolted together around a central armature. 


Robert Pulley, born 1948, Wabash, Indiana. Student of nature, digger of dirt. 1971 BA, Art Education, Ball State U. 1973 Co-founded Sun Hai Pottery, Holland, IN, 1977 MA, Sculpture and Ceramics, Ball State U. 1978-2010 taught art in Columbus, IN public schools. 1978-Present maintained personal studio creating mostly stoneware pots, vessels and sculpture. Mostly large scale 2’-4’ but also public scale 6’-12’.