Roberto Cambi

Artist Statement

Roberto Cambi is a painter, a glass-maker and a sculptor. His distinctive and multifaceted nature often pushes him to experiment with different forms and materials, sometimes crossing the fine line between art and design. His artistic vocation comprises the planning and construction of unique pieces, small collections in limited editions and monumental installations which have won him prestigious awards and made him a household name in contemporary ceramic art, both in his native Italy and abroad.

A vein of gentle irony always runs through his creations, together with a playful and irreverent approach to even the most serious of themes.


Born in Cassano Magnago in 1960.

Sculptor, painter and studio glassmaker, Roberto Cambi started exhibiting his work at the end of the 1970s while still studying at the Ballardini Art Institute in Faenza.

He attended the Fine Art Academy in Bologna.

Roberto Cambi taught different workshops at the Department of Ceramic Art at Seoul National University of Technology in South Korea.

Award in Excellency at the Mopko International Ceramic Competition in South Korea in 2000.

Open Award award at the Arte Laguna Prize in Venice in 2014.

Showing a restless streak and a penchant for pop and playful creations, he often creates his works as part of a wider project or site-specific installation.

He has two daughters. He shares his time between Milan and London.