Rui Sha

Artist Statement

Rui Sha is an interdisciplinary artist, holds an MFA degree in School of Art Institute of Chicago in Art & Technology Studies. Her works usually engage with videos and objects which are fabricated in wood, fabric, the sound of nature, etc. The natural materials that she is bringing in, become the carrier of emotional expression, rather than a construction frame. The objects which are formed by raw materials represent an infinite duration across time and space. Her artistic practices address the shift from physical objects to incorporeal tenderness — a performance about balancing, frame looms of ongoing small weavings, a kinetic sculpture of a cup barely dripping. Materiality is erased during the process of crafting, turning the objects into the portrayal of a specific time period and introducing the moment of personal experience where the sentiments lie. The viewers can experience the subtle feelings underneath the artworks from watching, listening and sensing. In the course of viewing universal emotions are being evoked by the personal experience.