Ryan Fletcher

Artist Statement

Chef/Owner Howard Hanna of the Hotel Rieger Grill and Exchange in Kansas City, Missouri. The work seeks to challenge the chef and patron alike in the display of and interaction with the food. This hopefully inspiring new thoughts and ideas about food presentation and ultimately new food creations.

My work seeks to engage chefs and diners using the restaurant as art gallery to display the work in its proper context. My work is created through direct dialogue with chefs. This conversation gives insight into what my end-user is looking for but cannot get from standard restaurant ware.

My interest in food service comes from growing up with parents who took me to restaurants as a child. I received a love and appreciation of cooking by my Mom and Grandmother who taught me how to cook at a young age. Restaurants have always been a source of wonder for me.

After working in several kitchens in my adult life I made my first project “Tapas Micros” with Carmen Cabia at Lill’s on 17th Bistro. Though my interactions with chefs I have gained better insight into restaurant service and an even deeper respect for the people that make it happen on a daily basis.

- Ryan Fletcher