Ryan Mitchell

Artist Statement

The earth seems eternally subjected to renewal cultures demolish an discard the tattered, quickly proceeding towards the new. Without sentiment trees are uprooted for roads and mountains reshaped for living. Earth pushed and lifeforms overturned, rivers diverted and lakes drained; we don't consider this slow type of violence until nature comes with its own brutality. Fires burn and mountains slide, sometimes springtime comes and new life emerges, sometimes piles of ash and waste only remain with a void of what was once present. Demolition, aggression and violence are an inherent part of our existence, but grace is also. Grace comes in nature as well as human action. Both aspects are part what what is involved in creativity and living.

-- Ryan Mitchell


Ryan Mitchell is International Curator and Coordinator for Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute. Ryan has worked extensively in China curating and creating. Ryan has been resident artist at Australian National University, McKnight Residency of the Northern Clay Center, Gaya Ceramic and Design, The LH Project, Clay Studio of Missoula, and Red Lodge Clay Center. He holds his M.F. A from the University of Montana Missoula. He is represented by the Nevica Project.