Sahar Tarighi

Artist Statement

Stress and tension from genocide, war, displacement, racism, and also social problems are the mainstays of my art.

Coming from a background in traditional Kurdish craft and culture, I am now working at the intersection of ceramics, sculpture, installation, and performance. I utilize clay, textiles and yarn, which are all indispensable parts of Kurdish art, to find connections between the traditions of my heritage and contemporary art and to visualize my concerns.

With this work, I hope to create dialogue with my audience, and ultimately to make the world a better place.


Sahar Tarighi was born in 1987, in Shno, Kurdistan Iran. Having grown up both in Kurdistan, a land of wonderful nature, dance, music, crafts and in a family with a great interest in art, her love of the art grew. The interest was cultivated during her formative years and further developed when she opted to pursue her academic education in the realm of art. She received her Associate’s Degree in Visual Arts. During her AA, Sahar was trained as an art teacher and after completing her training, she started her job as an art teacher. Alongside her teaching, she also received her BA in crafts and also MA in Painting in Tehran, Iran. She is an interdisciplinary artist and has exhibited in some group exhibitions in Iran, Sweden, Russia and the US. Sahar is currently an MFA candidate in Studio Art majoring in Ceramics at the University of Delaware and is a recipient of the Competitive Counter Offer Award and Full Tuition Scholarship and Center for Material culture Studies Graduate Research Grant Award (CMCS) from this University.