Sasha Barrett

Artist Statement

Using earthenware clay, I make functional and decorative pots. The surfaces of my forms are painted using heavy, colorful brushstrokes to create a feeling of movement and mood. I throw my pots on a slow turning kick-wheel.This technique allows for my exploration in gestural marks, natural edges, and looseness. I find inspiration from my home country of Ukraine. The subject of my paintings often reflect the agricultural land and the Slavic people of Eastern Europe, specifically of Western Ukraine. I choose to make nerative work in order to share the rich culture and history of the place I come from. The intimacy and everyday use of pottery is a perfect way for me to place my work, love, and interest for Ukrainian culture into peoples homes.

-- Sasha Barrett


Sasha Barrett was born and raised in Sumy, Ukraine, which is located in the North East part of the country. After spending the first half of his life there he moved to Boise, Idaho. Sasha received his BFA from Boise State University in 2014. He has been a UM resident at The Clay Studio of Missoula, and a Work exchange at The Clay Studio of Philadelphia shortly after graduating college. Sasha has shown in galleries national and international, and is currently living and working from his studio and store-front in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Sasha was one of the 2019 Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artists.