Shulamit Teiblum Millar

Artist Statement

In my work, I refer to geological memories, trying to recreate the processes taking place within the earth’s crust.

The classical form shaped on the wheel is subject to manipulation and alteration, using porcelain body that is treated with crystalline and volcanic glazes, hence getting the contrast between these two geomorphologic phenomena.

The balance between the rough texture of the volcanic surface and the elegant look of the crystalline glazes is a long lasting quest and constantly on a change.

Recently I moved from very rich surface that covers the entire vessel to a more subtle one with empty spaces between islands of isolated color and textures, and the naked porcelain body is the background of this orchestration.

-- Shulamit Teiblum Millar


Born in Israel, studied Archaeology and History of Art at the Jerusalem Hebrew University and Ceramics at the Tel Hai College, Upper Galilee.

Shulamit Teiblum Millar currently lives and works in Givatayim near Tel Aviv and teaches Ceramics at the Tel Aviv Museum of Modern Art. She runs a studio, participates in local and international Ceramic exhibitions, and is a member of a Ceramic co-operative that runs “8 in Jaffa”, a gallery for contemporary ceramics where her work is shown regularly. Her work is also part of permanent and private collections.

In the last fifteen years her wok is mainly done in porcelain, partly covered with crystalline and volcanic glazes.