Shweta Mansingka

Artist Statement

The essence of thoughts can not really be captured by tangibles, but using clay as a medium I try to express what has moved me deeply or left an impact on my journey of life. My work responds to ideologies or philosophies that prod me to introspect, mulling deeper, pushing gently to explore the multifaceted layers under the water washed landscape of life and living.

My conversations with clay started in 1989 with sculptural terracottas, trying to capture a moment in time, a fluid movement or expression, an intensely felt emotion by using the empty abstract spaces in between realistic figurative forms.

I believe that clay has a silent strength, a being…. An ability to hold in its form a wordless expression of an artists thoughts.

It is malleable, soft, yielding and at the same time possesses within the inherent strength to withstand the greatest forces of nature.

Its very nature fascinates me.

Its silent strength is my inspiration.

Even while using similar processes or techniques each of my artworks lives through its own passage through fire living out its individual catharsis to evolve emerging completely unique…

…its story hence resonates deeply with our own human journey of life.

I have been using “fruit” as a form that continues to inspire me and invites me to revisit it from the aspect of its constantly evolving life cycle. Its journey from seed to fruit can be compared to our thoughts manifesting into deed and action.

Furthermore, in all its maturity it embodies the very womb of creation. It’s ripeness is not the end, rather the mature belly nurturing fresh seeds as potential to perpetuate life...

A Golden stem, the umbilical cord… life force connects to the universal tree of life.

-- Shweta Mansingka


Shweta Mansingka’s journey with clay started under the tutelage of Shri Ram Kumar Manna in Calcutta in 1989. She worked with terracotta clay and had her first solo sculpture show called “Imagine” at the Birla Academy of Fine Arts in 1995.

In 1999, under the guidance of Shri Devi Prashad she started working with stoneware on the wheel, learning more about kilns and glazing. This enabled her to finally set up her own studio and she works from this private space since.

She feels blessed that clay found her, its meditative process centres her. Nature and silence channelise her to introspect and reflect, hence working in the serenity of her studio space integrates clay into her life to be a vital part of her spiritual journey.

Her studio is based in Chattarpur, New Delhi, India.