Stephen Mullins

Artist Statement

Clay is an infinitely malleable surface that I use as a canvas. In this body of work I concentrate on using historical American (Americana) imagery to tell a story. The initial body of work started as a way to have a conversation between modern ceramic practices, American culture, and human kinds historical interaction with clay. This work has now transformed into using Americana historical imagery as a way to address and commentate on contemporary social and relevant circumstances.

My goal was to link American culture to the historical human practice of clay. What I found as I worked through this imagery was a dialogue of issues of the present-day. Cultural appropriation, gender bias, race, sexual predation, inequality, and military control. I now view this body of work as a collective autobiography. Where we’ve been as a society to where we are now. I am continuing to research historical cultural shifts and icons, and how that imagery can be applied to today’s cultural and societal importance.

-- Stephen Mullins


I was born and raised in the heart of America’s blue collar coal country in Gillette, WY. I received a BFA in studio arts and a BA in Art Education from the University of Wyoming. In 2018 I opened a brick and mortar production house and clay center in Sheridan, WY. I still own and operate Red Bison Studio running community classes and a full ceramic production line. These days I focus on production during the day, and more pots in the middle of the night.

— Stephen Mullins