Susan Schultz

Artist Statement

My current work has its roots in the natural world. I collect and recreate found natural and man made objects specific to a place, with great attention to detail. I find beauty in the ordinary and the overlooked, and in the patterns of decay. Human influence on the environment is a current subject, as is imagery from 16th and 17th century Renaissance still life painting. Disparate objects are combined and create a new history, capturing a frozen moment.

For the past two years, I have been visiting Eastern U.S. coastal beaches, remote and recreational, and collecting natural and man-made objects. I transform these objects, using porcelain, into still lifes. I observe three things that influence these sites: human influence, the passing of time, and nature’s influence on itself.

A current project involves visiting cities in New England, photographing and collecting objects specific to each city site. The new series explores the places where the cities meet the sea, with contrasts and similarities to the previous work. The culmination is a still life of each city that I visit.

-- Susan Schultz


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