Taylor Sijan

Artist Statement

I am interested in making pots that feel comfortable during use and intriguing to engage with. I encourage curiosity and exploration through both complex form and asymmetrical surface. My process for constructing vessels combines throwing, altering, and handbuilding to build soft, porcelain forms that are the basis for dynamic surface design. The compositions feature abstracted plants in service to designing movement around the piece by weaving painted, slip trailed, and stamped motifs around the surface. I balance quieter spaces for contemplation with abundant areas of celebratory color to create harmony. Layers of mark-making techniques serve to bring the user’s wandering attention back to the piece through the juxtaposition of textures. Tactile and visual complexity is further explored through materiality in glaze phenomena which adds ambiguity to the painted botanicals. These layers of ornament and textures are to encourage your eyes and hands to move around the form, into the interior, and underneath. Beyond operating as a beautiful, aesthetic object, my pottery has the added experiential function of containing, offering and dispensing nourishment. They are not simply decorative. For this reason, I strive to form connections between the user and my work in an intimate way by exploring complexities in intriguing surface and utility.

-- Taylor Sijan


I grew up between the shores of Lake Erie and the woods of northern Ohio and earned my BFA in Ceramics and Metalsmithing at Bowling Green State University in 2016. After, I spent two years in Wichita, Kansas as a post-bacc student at Wichita State University, studying wood and soda-fired pottery and medicinal herbology, which cultivated my obsession with plant symbolism and form that has carried over my ceramic work. I am currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in Ceramics at University of Nebraska-Lincoln as a graduate candidate and instructor of record. I have been fortunate to have been recognized in juried exhibitions internationally and received several notable awards including the International 2016 NICHE Award for Student Ceramic Sculpture, an NCECA Invitation to attend the 2019 Taoxichuan Fall Art Fair in Jingdezhen, China, and was named one of the Ceramics Monthly 2020 Emerging Artists.

-- Taylor Sijan

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