Tiffany Carbonneau


Tiffany Carbonneau is a video installation artist whose work explores the impact of our surroundings by presenting familiar structures in an unfamiliar setting allowing the viewer to experience subtle architectural influences in a significant way. Carbonneau is the Assistant Professor of Fine Arts and Head of the Digital Art and Interactive Media concentration at Indiana University Southeast. She is a 2011 Efroymson Contemporary Arts fellow and has been the recipient of several commissions and awards. Tiffany’s architectural video installations ask the viewer to take note of structures, both symbolic and real, that surround them and to observe the way in which these structures connect them to the personal and global networks in their lives and to the environmental elements around them. Her works have been exhibited internationally at venues in Cape Town, South Africa, Lodz, Poland, Toronto, Canada and nationally in New York City, Miami, Santa Fe, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Grand Rapids, Michigan, among several others. Supported by The National Endowment for the Arts, Carbonneau’s recent public commission, Illuminate Oregon City, consists of a seventy-foot video projection, which was on display nightly for one year in Oregon City, Oregon.

Tiffany’s creative practice combines digital projection and original video to create works that recontextualize our surroundings, highlight local consequences of global markets, and invite the viewer to examine the distance between themselves and the structures and systems that support western society. She has travelled internationally to capture original footage of commercial waterways, ports and the communities that surround them and combines this footage to form visual and metaphorical connections between global communities. Tiffany finds architectural elements that are unique to each exhibition site and highlights those elements with her international video footage and the mapped light of the projection. Through these architectural vestiges, her work calls attention to the influences that outside factors have on the way we approach our lives, address others, and interact with the spaces in which we dwell.