Vic Hsieh

Artist Statement

I use ceramic as my main art form to record life, for it’s easier to preserve even after thousands of years buried underground. Comparing to some art forms like wood or stone carving which are more like subtractive arts, clay gives me more flexibility and possibility to create works with various shapes and look beyond imagination.

I built lots of animals because for me, animals have the closest relationship with humans. When I was a kid, my initiative knowledge of wild animals is based on all kinds of toy model kits even before I saw the real ones. My childhood memories of collecting toy robots have also triggered me to use industrialized lines, mechanical shells, totems and sic-fi elements of modern weapons, and extend the original animal's body shape into an anthropomorphic, extraordinary unreal look.

-- Vic Hsieh


Vic (Bin-Yan) Hsieh was born in 1990 in Taipei, Taiwan. He started his pottery journey since 2009 with his BFA in Chang Jung Christian University, including basic hand-shaping, jiggering, molding and glazing, and finished his MFA in National University of Tainan focusing on the studies of glazing and personal art styles in 2014. This year (2020), he attended the Taiwan Ceramics Residency Program in Yingge Ceramics Museum in Taiwan from January to April.