Austyn Taylor

Artist Statement

I work almost exclusively by creating characters. One of the most fascinating parts of the human experience for me is this incredible ability to advance our own evolution through the creative enterprise. My characters exercise existential anxieties and unconditional love.

The momentum of my work is aligned with an absurdist pantheistic patriotism and a self-indulgent dark humor. The curiosity driving the work is identifying what the character of the human animal “is.”

My work is toy-like, absurd and gently subversive. I have made rocking Trojan horses going nowhere, ducks surrendering their lives and other beasts mythologizing love, trickery and the absurd confusion of reality.

My high aim through making is to bring the timeless astute brilliance of Oscar Wilde and mystical obsessions of William Blake into my accessible Boschian/Warner Brothers characters. My aim is for each new character to read as a novel unto itself under an epic umbrella of my journey to oblivion. I sincerely hope we all have a good time.

-- Austyn Taylor


Austyn Taylor hails from Rochester, NY. Born of Southern(USA) artist parents, raised Unitarian, in a Jewish neighborhood. Schooling at RIT a BFA in illustration, (minor in philosophy) and MST in arts education. Brief time as a public school art instructor in Denver, CO gave her valuable insight into the semi-magical primal/spiritual/psychological effects of clay work on humans. After studying with master ceramicists; Doug Jeck, Christina West, Russell Wrankle and Arthur Gonzalez she obtained her MFA in Ceramics from Alfred University in 2016. Since then she has been nomadic, teaching all levels, making and showing work across the world attending residencies in Sonoma, CA, Beijing, China, Minneapolis, MN, Skælskør, Denmark, Wichita Falls, TX and now Mendocino, CA. Taylor’s quest through her artwork is to piece together an authentic “American-style” narrative which may heroically disrupt postmodern alienation and usher people back home, to Earth.

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