Christine Golden

Artist Statement

I create sculptures that explore the momentum of our daily lives and the accumulation of events that become the anatomy of our existence. I draw inspiration from the natural world and the idiosyncrasies of human nature. Because my inspiration lies within nature and human nature, environmental and specific social concerns are often visible throughout my work. My sculptures are visual diaries wherein each figure becomes a psychological portrait. I am investigating that fertile ground where the historical and allegorical, and the tragedy and comedy of life intersect.

In order to facilitate the narrative of each piece, I create a framework or environment for my characters by using particular patterns, imagery, and animals that have specific symbolic or metaphorical meaning. Some of my narratives become didactic lessons, and some are portrayals of events and memories, while others are purely emotional responses. I also pull inspiration from the canon of classical art. Whether it is the forces of nature found in Romanticism, the contemplative and reactionary qualities of Neo-classical art, or the grandeur of concepts associated with the Baroque period. I particularly admire the dramatic paintings that document historical, religious, and mythological events, in which moral tales and reactions to times of unease become expressive declarations. All of these influences have been distilled down to the off-kilter, theatrical characteristics that make up my art; wherein a narrative voyage of life's journey is created.

-- Christine Golden