Dandee Pattee

Artist Statement

I make functional pottery with swelling and rising curves that are softened by layers of glaze on the exterior. I am compelled to make objects in clay because of the malleability and responsiveness of the material. I choose to work within the parameters of function because I enjoy the narrative I create between my work and those that interact with the pieces. While making my forms, the material rises and expands under my touch; recalling the memory traces I have of the vast, uninhabited Wyoming landscape I experienced growing up. The landscape is represented in my memory as undulating colorfields softened by native plants or blankets of snow. I attempt to replicate the boldness of the land through the forms I make and the color palette I have developed. Despite the countless hours I have spent refining my process there remains an unbridled element of surprise and sometimes disappointment to the experience that piques my interest and provides endless problem solving.

-- Dandee Pattee