David Bogus

Artist Statement

My creative process is cultivated through identity exploration and self-discovery. My practice is a combination of risk taking and experimentation. It includes both the artistic process and a constantly shifting personal narrative. In the studio, critical thinking and problem solving are directly linked to the exploration of individuality. Places inhabited, people encountered, and investigations of materials and process influence content, giving form to the concepts of my creative identity.

The artwork and my identity are parallels in a non-quantitative manner. I have learned that my work evolves and matures from itself. I allow previous work to guide my process inspiring and leading to new discoveries. Awareness of identity stimulates creative evolution. Continually experimenting and reworking imagery creates endless potential. High heels, fishing hooks, suitcases, life preservers, telephones, cigarette lighters, knives, anchors, locks and zippers are objects that provide clues and information to my individuality becoming the language of a personal narrative.

It is important that the work has the ability to be interpreted differently by others’ alternate perspectives. My personal reflection also changes as time elapses. After firings, the installation process requires nuanced improvisation. The gallery becomes an extension of my creative process. It informs and redirects. Intuitively, I embrace composition, responding to how the work occupies each space in a unique way. The installations are fluid and ongoing. I continually add components to increase scale, variety and complexity. Creative problem solving in the gallery fosters new breakthroughs and keeps me invested in the singular object.

-- David Bogus