Edina Andrási

Artist Statement

My artistic activity, is a practice to maintain my mind. My creations are generated from intuitions, inner dispositions, personal life events, and the possibilities provided by the material. I like it when the form reflects the processes that were aimed to creating it, but sometimes I prefer the aesthetic values that arise from inconvenience and randomness. I try to deal consciously with the archetypes and the cultural embeddedness of my profession. I like to play with the clusters of evergreen associations that are related to ceramic objects. The belief that these can be disturbed, and re-interpreted, gives the motivation for my work.

-- Edina Andrási


My new work dissolves the borders between art and design. “Bright deflates” are a series of sculptures with a gentle lighting function. Thanks to the combination of paper and porcelain, I builds thin, flexible and transparent porcelain shapes. My works are deceptive, uninitiated eyes can see them as paper. Through sags, folds and bends of the fired objects, we can see the pliable nature of the material. There is a conflict between the apparent and rational explanation of the spectacle. The personal motivation for the shaping of the objects is formed by the formal and qualitative changes experienced on my own body. These are related to the subject of pregnancy. In their totality, they show a kind of inertness mood, which is loosened by the positive associations created by the light inside them.

— Edina Andrási