Holly Curcio

Artist Statement

There is more to everyday life than meets the eye. Thoughts and interactions fill the day, but what is really going on here? I am inspired by a space just below the surface, where the mind starts to wander. Creating figure sculpture gives me a chance to communicate the subtleties of being human. The need for playfulness reoccurs often and unexpectedly. I want my work to draw the viewer in with a sense of the familiar, only to be left with endless possibilities.

My recent series, From Inside the Birdhouse, explores a relationship between humans and animals, coexisting and merging as outer expressions of the self. Small ceramic figures wearing masks take on the personas of animals and assume their mannerisms. I think of these as masks that conceal the face the world sees, and reveals the persons true state of mind. On a doll-like scale these pieces become miniature worlds where one could imagine creating their own stories.

-- Holly Curcio