Jamie Bates Slone

Artist Statement

Through conjured memory, I revisit my family's history with physical and mental illness. My current work is a reflection of those memories with an emphasis on the relationship between human biology and human emotion.

By using the figure as a metaphor for illness, I am able to convey the sentiments often correlated with illness and death.

In my studio practice, anxieties about my own physical and mental health and obsessions with mortality manifest themselves in the choice of diminutive scale, charged surfaces, and uneasy body language within the figures. My surface choices are derived from medical imaging of the human body focusing on their color and visual texture. My intent is for one to imagine the surface of the skin as a reflection of what is happening inside the body and mind. These are ideas that are continuously shifting and evolving as I think about how I want these objects to be perceived.

-- Jamie Bates Slone


Jamie Bates Slone is a sculptor living and working in Helena, Montana. Jamie received her MFA from the University of Kansas and her BFA from the University of Central Missouri. Her work addresses the fragility of the human spirit in relation to her family’s history with physical and mental illnesses.