Jason Hackett

Artist Statement

I understand the world in an evocative fashion and view my artworks as both physical and philosophical memorials to ‘Closeness’. During the construction of new works in series, I commonly consider ideas such as the value of community and family, the honesty of both gross and tedious labor, the mysteriousness of the metaphysical, and the passage time.

Each piece is primarily assembled from objects made by hand and mold formed methods while select found-manufactured ceramics are also utilized. Captured materials, images and forms; of man and of machine; from near and far places; and from immediate and distant pasts are merged in commemorative context where contemplation defines their functional nature. Individually they are plates, plaques, and cultural icons made of clay. Collectively, they are a conduit of symbols and metaphors residing between proximity and distance, material and immaterial, and the tangible and intangible.

-- Jason Hackett