Jennifer Masley ( She/her )

Artist Statement

My practice is a mix of play and self reflection. I let material take the lead and follow suit by exploring the boundaries of my own memories and the expectations. This way of working allows for me to honestly and authentically depict my lived experience and expose the nuances of everyday life. I am interested in the conceptual strength of using objects to create a narrative through formal relationships. I give context to place and personhood through structural components and the addition of discrete objects. I often build tension by merging the familiar with illogical compositions to subvert initial assumptions about a work of art. My aim is to connect with others by sharing my experiences and open the door to discussing the highs and lows of being human.

The recurring process in my work is slip-cast ceramics. By creating facsimile through slip casting I am able to expose the delicacy and vulnerability of an object. I often use these vulnerable qualities as a gateway into metaphorically describing the human condition. The frailty of coating something in slip and then displaying the object to emphasize its precariousness implores a gentle approach and consideration of it. Although frequently austere, I attempt to lift the tension through soft, warm colors and notes of dry humour. I want the duality of life, which contains simultaneous experiences of delight and forlorn to also exist within the duality of the work. 


Jennifer Masley (b. Temple, TX) is an emerging artist based in Akron, OH. She holds a BFA from Texas State University and has received her MFA from Kent State University. She has shown her work with Roy G Biv Gallery, the Artist Archive of the Western Reserve, San Angelo Museum of Fine Art, NCECA, Sculpture X, and the CAN Triennial. She received a studio residency position at the Anderson Ranch Art Center and Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts in 2024.