Keiyona C. Stumpf

Artist Statement

My work and working method is oriented at the richness of natural forms, and the process that generates these forms in their diversity and let them pass again.
 The created forms express an inherent liveliness and at the same time point to deep inner feelings and emotions, they combine familiar-looking forms with a certain strangeness and plays with the sensation of beauty.

Depending to the characteristics of the used material, the formal principle emerges individually in the course of each work and often seems to develop a life of its own. 
The art work appears to be a moment of an ongoing dynamic process.

Occurring natural principles of beauty, such as symmetry and ornamental structure, are combined with arbitrariness and the emergence of uncontrolled growth.

The viewer is confronted with something that lines between a clear form and a free forming process, something that is neither chaotic nor ordered. The viewers eyes are kept on searching.

-- Keiyona C. Stumpf

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