Lia Bagrationi

Artist Statement

Clay as a Memory Vessel. Clay is a matter eager to become a form. Forms of nature, forms ever-shaped by a human, forms never created that rest in the infinite memory of its substance. My task is to let these forms free and bring memories of clay to life.

-- Lia Bagrationi


Lia Bagrationi is Georgian artist born in 1957 and lives and works in Tbilisi. She graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 1980. Bagrationi is a co-founder of the Georgian Ceramic Art and Craft Foundation “The Clay Office” based in Tbilisi and a member of IAC (International Academy of Ceramics) based in Geneva. She is currently a professor on the Faculty of Design at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.

In 2000 she received the Grand Prize in the First Symposium of Georgian Ceramists. As for artist Bagrationi is not confined to one subject area, preferring to vary her projects and media. Though clay, and specifically features of clay remain as her main medium.