Maria Diletta Rondoni

Artist Statement

My works come to life through an anaphoric process of composing different forms that absorbs me in a slow creative flow.

I use few tools, sometimes just the tip of my fingers with a  pinch and coil technique.

I love natural clays extracted from the ground and to create my own palette of pigmented clays, thinking of my work as three-dimensional painting. 

I am inspired by the metamorphosis and permutation of nature, its movements and changes, its strength and fragility, to give voice to its sensual power as the origin of life.

My aim is to create a sort of imaginary, fantastic and corporeal herbarium.


Maria Diletta Rondoni is an Italian artist based in Umbria, Italy. After graduating at the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia in 2012-majoring in painting–her artistic research explored possibilities from different materials, such as ceramic, metal working and glass. In 2013 she studied techniques for making jewellery at the Centro TAM – Trattamento-Artistico-Metalli, centre of excellence for metal artworks, Pietrarubbia, (PU) Italy. In 2014 she worked in the artistic stained glass Studio “Moretti-Caselli” in Perugia where she specialized in glass painting. At the same time she focused  her interest in clay taking ceramics classes in Deruta where she learned ancient techniques such as Etruscan bucchero and terra sigillata. In 2017 she studied porcelain techniques  at the Ceramic Art School “Romano Ranieri” in Deruta and at the FACC-Faenza Art Ceramic Center, Faenza, Italy. Over the last five years she travelled to Europe, Sri Lanka and Australia. These travels inspired her artworks and her aesthetic vision.In 2021 she was YAIR, Young Artist in Residence in Guldagergaard- International Ceramic Research Center- for three months during residency. Among the most important group exhibitions: Flora Danica, Apple House-Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center, Skaelskor, Denmark, 2021;Matres, International Festival of Ceramics for Women, Ceramics Museum of Deruta, Perugia, 2019; XI International Exhibition for Ceramic Artists, Third Prize Winner, Museo Muda, Albissola Marina, Savona, 2018; No Place Space 4, Spazio Ex Ceramiche Vaccari, Santo Stefano di Magra, Sarzana, 2018; Evolving, Galleria ArtEspressione, Milano, 2014; E ‘sottoterra che nascono i fiori, Spazio Ex Mattatoio, Trevi, Perugia, 2014. Her artworks belong to private collections, in Italy and abroad.