Michael Moore

Artist Statement

I am interested in building objects by hand. My inspiration is drawn from visual sources such as coastlines and geological markings in landscape, exploring the shifts and changes marked by time. Less overtly, but as importantly I am interested in the anticipation of form, trying to gauge how the eye travels over sculpture, perhaps searching for a conclusion. I try to quietly challenge that and explore the unease or uncertainty that challenge may create as I seem more fluent as an artist in the realm of abstraction.

-- Michael Moore


Reader in Contemporary Applied Arts, Ceramics, Ulster University. Reader in Fine and Applied Arts, Ceramics and Member of Ulster University Research Institute for Art and Design. UK Higher Education Adacemy Fellow and member of the International Academy of Ceramics.

Head of Creative Ecologies Research Cluster, Research Institute for Art and Design, Ulster University.

Michael Moore was born in Dublin in 1968 and has worked in the field of Ceramics since graduation from the National College of Art and Design in 1990.

During a 20-year career to date in Ceramics, Michael Moore has held over 30 solo and group exhibitions and won 18 Awards in support of his practice.

His works are housed in 19 different International Collections of Ceramic Art including the World Ceramic Exposition Foundation, Korea, the International Ceramics Museums, Fuping, China, the International Ceramics Research Centre Denmark, The Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts and the Clay Studio, Philadelphia, USA.

Closer to his home, his work is housed in The National Museum of Ireland, The Ulster Museum, Belfast, Northern Ireland, The Embassies Collection of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and several European public collections.

To date Michael Moore has given 10 conference presentations relating to his own practice and that of Irish Contemporary Ceramics (1940-2010) in venues ranging from Canada to Korea to Australia.

Moore has been represented by the National Craft Gallery of Ireland at SOFA Chicago 2008 and is currently represented by Galerie Carla Koch in Amsterdam, NL with solo exhibition taking place in 2009, also represented by Galerie Marianne Heller, Heidelberg, Germany.

His work has been reviewed in Ceramics Art and Perception, Ceramic Review, Keramik Magazin Europa, Ceramics Ireland and the Irish Arts Review.

He has been invited as artist in residence to The Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts, 2007,The Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada, 2008, the International Ceramics Research Centre, Denmark, 2009, the Clay Studio Philadelphia, 2010 and the Intonation Symposium, Germany 2011.

He is Head of the Research Centre for Applied Art at the Ulster University, Belfast School of Art and Design, Reader in Fine and Applied Art, Ceramics at Ulster member and of the International Academy of Ceramics, Geneva.