Nicole Gugliotti

Artist Statement

I start with minimal, elemental materials such as clay, glaze, wood, metal and pull from my research on wonder and beauty and struggle, Pile, grid, suspend or scatter elements. I work like a poet arranging words, actions, chances. Creating a composition, a situation that expresses what is in my heart, that feels useful. Sometimes I inject pointed, direct content into these situations in order to create vulnerability around topics that may seem incendiary. Video, audio and/or interactivity further add to the content and atmosphere. The observation and interaction of participants, the connection that may or may not occur, is the final component of the work.

-- Nicole Gugliotti


Nicole Gugliotti was born in 1979 and raised under the hot Florida sun. She received her MFA from the University of Florida in 2014 and recently co-founded the Socially Engaged Craft Collective.

She has exhibited solo exhibitions at the The Institute of Ceramic Studies at The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Shigaraki, Japan and The Alexander Brest Gallery in Jacksonville, FL. In her latest community based collaboration the Play with Clay Initiative, she helps facilitate opportunities for communities to come together in play, in hopes that these moments of connection and light can fortify us in our pursuit of joy and social justice.

Currently based in Olympia, WA she maintains her own studio, teaches at Arbutus Folk School and is the Instruction & Classroom Support Technician the Art Department at South Puget Sound Community College.